Application to Principal for granting leave to attend your Cousin's Marriage

Dear [Principal's Name],

I am writing this letter to request 15 days of leave from school to attend my cousin's wedding in [City Name]. The wedding is scheduled to take place from [Wedding Date] to [End Date], and I would like to be present to participate in the celebrations and support my family during this important occasion.

I understand the importance of regular attendance at school and will ensure that I catch up with all the missed classes and assignments upon my return. I will also take prior permission from my teachers for any classwork or homework that I may miss during my absence.

I assure you that I will make up for the missed classes and ensure that my studies are not adversely affected by my absence from school. I am looking forward to your positive response and your kind consideration in granting me the leave for the mentioned days.

Thank you for your understanding.


[Your Name]

[Class and Roll Number]

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